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Upgrade to Live fully featured Lightning Detection & DTA Service

Be warned and alert to the sky with EUStormMap Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts, Live detailed Lightning data, Storm Cell tracking, Forecast Outlooks and more.

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Membership Plans

Premium Plan - €15 - 1 Year

Subscribe to premium plan to gain Live access to Europe's most comprehensive lightning detection network. View high resolution In-Cloud (IC) and Cloud-to-Ground (CG) lightning strike locations.
Class leading data with Flash and Pulse strike separation, timeline filters and more to give you the most accurate, up to date live result.
Dangerous Thunderstorm Alert Polygons (DTA's) and detailed metadata displayed Live on map giving you advanced lead time to plan ahead.
Unique Storm Cell Tracks, GPS located progressive tracking data with each Level 1, STA (Severe) & DTA (Dangerous) warned storm cells.

DTA Plan - €10 - 1 Year

SMS / Email DTA's (Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts) sent to your email or phone to alert you of impending Severe Weather in your location, giving you peace of mind knowing exactly what's coming.
Choose Level 1 Advisory, STA (Severe) or DTA (Dangerous) Alerts to give you maximum lead time while being able to plan ahead with safety in mind.

Combo Plan - €20 - 1 Year

We have to recommend the Combo Plan for the full and complete circle of service, from sms / email alert to web application to view live accurate data when you need it most!
This service represents the best of both Premium & DTA plans and incredible value. Take away the guess work and rest assured that you will be alerted to the severest of weather near you.

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